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Queen City Architectural Salvage

Home Demolition and Metal Restoration in Denver, Colorado

Are you living in the Denver area and in search of an honest company to equip you with the best home remodeling and demolition services? We are experts in antique material restorations, salvages, and metal recovery services. We utilize the best tools and equipment to exceed your expectations each and every time. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we are guaranteed to provide the best restoration and demolition services available.

We offer pre-demolition services to assist you in your home remodeling. We can remove toxic material, cut off sewer and utility lines, as well as any remaining materials. With our 24/7 phone line, you can call in at any time to receive your bid on your home demolition and salvage services. Rest assured when you choose Queen City Architectural Salvage as your leading demolition company; you will never be disappointed with our results. Call now at (888) 846-0445 to learn more about our antique fireplaces, material restorations, and demolition services. 

Classic Antique Materials

Classic Antique Materials

Our company is excited to offer residents with the best options in classic antique material services. When you are in search of antique materials such as door fixtures, doors, claw tubs, porcelain tubs or fireplace mantles, we have the best selection for you. Choose our classic antique materials to increase the appeal of your new home or office!

Repurpose Materials

Repurpose Materials

We are proud to help our client repurpose materials such as antique lumber, classic building hardware, and decking. We use these items to repurpose them into more efficient and usable items. When you are looking for a timeless piece of furniture to add depth and dimension to your home, choose our repurposed materials!

Restoration Contractors

Restoration Contracting

Our restoration services can help you accomplish your renovation services by referring you to other credible construction services. Our restoration contracting can assist you in wood restorations like damaged floors, stairs or doors. Choose our team of experts to provide you with the best restoration contracting services available!

Sand Blasting Service

Sand Blasting

With our sandblasting, we can remove unwanted debris, grime, dirt, and paint from surfaces. As your leading provider of the best sandblasting services available to you. With sandblasting we can provide your desired surface with a smooth and flat look once again. We can also remove things such as rust from metal too!

Metal Restoration Service

Metal Restoration

Our metal restorations allow you to maintain the quality of your surfaces with ease and efficiency. Whether we utilize sand blasting to smooth surfaces or paint stripping to remove unwanted paint, we have the skills to exceed your expectation. Many clients seek our services for home radiator restorations as well!

Pre-Hung Doors

Pre-Hung Doors

With our pre-hung doors, you can expect to receive an entry that is already equipped with a frame, proper mounting hardware, and hinges. These doors are easy to install and require much less time for installation than many other options. Choose our pre-hung doors and receive the most exceptional results as soon as possible!

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