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House Remodeling, Appraisals and Demolition in Denver, Colorado

Repurposed Materials

Repurpose Materials

Each of our incredible associates is glad to repurpose your old materials, such as antique lumber, classic building hardware, and reclaimed wood from timber and decking. We reuse these materials to restore the original beauty of antique objects and surfaces. Whether it be an antique fireplace, tub or door knob, we will repose your old materials!

Sand Blasting Services

Sand Blasting

Our sandblasting services are used to remove surface contaminants like rust, grime, paint and other unwanted materials. After our sandblasting services, we will prime and paint your metal or wood for the best results. With our sandblasting, you can expect to have smooth, flawless surfaces quickly and hassle free with help from our experts.

Metal Restoration Services

Metal Restoration

With the use of our chemical stripper, we can remove previous surfaces like paint from your metal surfaces as well as undesirable rust too. Our metal restoration allows our experts to transform your old metal into a perfect piece of material once again. Many clients choose our metal repair for old radiators as well!

About Queen City Architectural Salvage

Our team at Queen City Architectural Salvage is proud to offer residents of Denver and neighboring cities with our incredible results. When you are looking for an honest and product company to assist you with appraisals, antique tub restorations, demolition, or fireplace restoration, we are the team for you. Our incredible team of professionals has been in business for more than 40 years and have provided clients with the most exceptional results.

With our years of experience, we are guaranteed to equip you with the best services available. When you are looking for an honest and dependable company to provide you with home demolitions, we are the team to beat. Repurpose material to restore metal, wood and porcelain surfaces. If you are looking to remodel or demolish your existing property, speak with us right away for the best results! Call now at (888) 846-0445 and learn more about our incredible services at Queen City Architectural Salvage.

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Antique Materials

Do you currently own a home or property with a plethora of old, antique materials? We supply our residents with the best options in fireplace mantle, radiator, wood, and porcelain restorations. We enjoy salvaging and selling these antique materials to restore and sell for further use by others. With our restoration skills, we can transform your existing materials into new once again. When you require a pre-demolition salvage, we will go through your property and salvage antique door knobs, porcelain tubs, mantles, and other classic, turn of the century structures.

With the use of our sandblaster, we can smooth and resurface items with ease, and remove unwanted paint, rust, grime or debris that are undesirable. We are proud to offer clients with the most beautiful options in home antique material restorations. These beautiful pieces of furniture can add a touch of elegance or a rustic appeal to any new home! Rest assured we are the leading provider of salvage and restored antique materials.

Real Antique Materials

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